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Public Provident Funds

Public Provident Funds for Tax Saving-NSC Benefits of Tax Savings Public Provident Fund There is a possibility to maintain accounts in the recognized sub post offices and government banks. One can invest not less than Rs.500 and not exceeding Rs.70,000 in these PPF’s every year. This can be invested for a period of 12 months […]

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Public provident fund

Public provident fund details Public Provident Fund – PPF Public Provident Fund is a small savings scheme that is available for people of all income groups. PPF offers the attractions like long term investment, tax benefits, loan on investment amount etc. This scheme will be useful for those who want to invest for the higher […]


PPF and NPS tax features and benefits   Public provident fund PPF which is a traditional savings schemes and the NPS scheme which was introduced by central government two years back are attracting the investors who are thinking of savings or retirement schemes. Main reason for this is these schemes allow making savings in small […]

Children policy

Children policy Selection-Investment Schemes for Future of Children The normal, general and casual question that is asked by the new parents is whether  there any special schemes for the children’s as they want to invest for the children for their future? So let us have a look at the special schemes which are there for […]

80G Tax Exemption

80G Tax Exemption for Donations-Donations to NSG Get 100% Exemption Now a day, many corporate companies are coming forward   for giving huge amount of donations for the utilization of society development in terms of education, providing food and so on. Mr. Warren Buffet has allotted above 90% of property to the trust. Even in India, […]

Fixed Income Children

Children Policies Mutual Funds -Fixed Income Schemes for Children In these days, even mutual fund organizations are also concentrating on the children funds. Recently, the institutions like Fidelity, Peerless have introduced and released a new children fund into the market. With these, around 10 children funds are available in the market. These Mutual funds are […]

Managing job change

Managing job change It is common that people change jobs for better salaries and positions. When changing jobs proper care is to be taken in financial matters like banks accounts, provident fund and income tax. Bank Accounts Salaries are generally deposited in a bank account. Banks are also offering zero balance salary accounts for salaried […]